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Spring Graduating Awards Ceremony
June 15, 2005

The Spring Graduating Awards Ceremony took place June 15, 2005, prior to the Engineering graduation ceremony.  The awards ceremony publicly recognized the academic achievements of some of Engineering’s top students.  

This year, seven gold medals and nine awards were presented by various members of the Faculty, industry and private donors.  Award presenters included representatives from: ASHRAE’s London Chapter, Ontario Professional Engineers of Ontario, The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering and The Society of Chemical Industry Canada.   

Privately donated awards and medals were presented by: Mr. Ed Jambor for Dr. E.V. Buchanan, a past-president of Professional Engineers Ontario; Mr. Keith Cross, grandson of Mr. Harry Cross; Mr. R.K. Swartman on behalf of Dr. John Foreman, Professor Emeritus - Faculty of Engineering; Professor Maurice Bergougnou on behalf of Dr. James Hay; Mr. Keith Stevens, grandson of Dr. James A. Vance; Professor T. Sidhu on behalf of Dr. R. Mohan Mathur, former Dean; Mr. Philip Brown on behalf of Mr. Donald D.C. McGeachy; and Mrs. Nina Lowes on behalf of Mrs. Doreen Dinsdale, former Administrative Officer in the Faculty of Engineering.  The University of Western Ontario Gold Medals were presented by the Chairs and Director of their respective Engineering departments and programs.

* Photos by Sue Chapman


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