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American Institute of Steel Construction Award

Four members of ASCE were recognized with awards by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) April 6, 2005.  Among those honoured was Western Engineering’s Alan G. Davenport for his contributions to wind engineering and design.

Davenport has been a key player at The University of Western Ontario since joining the Faculty of Engineering in 1961 and establishing the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory in 1965.

During his career, Davenport has been a leader in using boundary layer wind tunnels in building design and in investigations of urban wind climates; served as a consultant on a number of high-profile building and bridge projects; authored approximately 200 papers; and founded the Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering named him a fellow in 1982 and three years later recognized his achievements in structural engineering with it’s A.B. Sanderson Awards.  ASCE honoured Davenport with the State-of-the-Art of Civil Engineering Award in 193 and its CAN-Am Civil Engineering Amity Award in 1977.

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