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Volume 1 - Edition 3
October 4, 2004
Work Safe Program
Work Safe is a program offered by WFP and CCPS that allows for faculty and staff to work safely when working late at night on campus.  By informing WFP/CCPS when you are working late on campus and where you are working, someone will always knows where you are. 

How it works:
1. Customers must be registered before using the program.  Customers can register between 12:00 pm -5:00 pm, Monday to Friday by phone at the Western Foot Patrol office, 661-3650.  Or, customers can register on the night they wish to use the service.

2. To use the service, call 661-3650, between the hours of 6:00 pm - 1:00 am, or 661-3300 between 1:00 am - 6:00 am.

3. Customers will provide times throughout the evening to call either the
Foot Patrol Office or Police Services (depending on what time they plan on calling).

4.  It is the customer’s responsibility to call into the office and "check in" with the operator.

5.  If the Customer has not called five minutes after the designated check in
time, we will call the customer.  If the customer does not answer the phone
we will leave a message, wait five minutes and then dispatch the Police for a
welfare check.  

Customers must call the service when they are leaving campus.

Additional notes:
Customers can choose to call only when they are leaving campus instead of several “check ins” per evening, but we must have a time when they plan to leave campus.

This service is free of charge and is open to anyone who will be working late
on campus.  We are offering the program as a response to demand and to increase Safety Awareness and Deterrence of crime on the UWO Campus.

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