News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 6
November 15, 2004
Creativity Vignette
Friday, November 12
Design prototypes on display included everything from a water purification system to a heated ice cream scooper.
ES050 is a mandatory course for all first-year engineering students.  It is designed to emphasize creativity and hands-on learning.

"ES 050 is different from other courses in that students deal with open-ended design problems, which they help to define themselves," says Ralph Buchal, coordinator of the course and professor of mechanical and materials engineering. "These problems have many possible solutions, and no single right answer."

BAM Easy Ice Cream Scoop

Mike Campbell and Alex Holt

Expandable Garbage Can

Stephanie Gurski

Teresa Tabbert, Mike Mallett and Brian Baley

Laptop Buddy

Jerome James

Solar Powered Water Purification System

Matt Wills and Tem Fernihough

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