News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 5
November 1, 2004
14th Annual Lynda Shaw Memorial Distinguished Lecture

Friday, November 12
1:00 pm
SEB 1059

This lecture series is an annual event commemorating the memory of Lynda Shaw, a third-year Mechanical Engineering student who was tragically killed April 22, 1990 near Highway 401 on her way back to Western to complete her third-year exams.  Lynda Shaw's murder is still unsolved.
Guest speaker, Dr. Maria Klawe, Dean of Engineering and Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University, will speak on "Gender, Lies and Video Games: The Truth about Females and Computing."
This talk explores how girls and women differ from boys and men in their uses of and attitudes towards computers and computing. From playing computer games to pursuing computing careers, the participation of females tends to be very low compared to that of males. Why is this? Opinions range from girls wanting to avoid the math and/or the geek image of programming to girls having better things to do with their lives. We discuss research findings on this issue, as well as initiatives designed to increase the participation of females in computing.
  Celebrating 50 Years of Engineering Excellence
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