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Volume 1 - Edition 12
May 2005

With a roar of the engine – they were off!

Western’s Formula SAE team unveiled their 2005 vehicle to a group of faculty, staff, students, family and friends Saturday, May 7. 

The University’s Formula Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is ready to compete in this year’s annual FSAE event in Pontiac, Michigan, from May 18th – May 22nd at the Pontiac Silver dome.

The 25-member student team has been designing and building the small formula-style racecar since last summer.  Using the design from last year's car, this year’s team has built a car that can go from 0 – 100 km/hr in just 3 seconds. 

“Our vehicle can go 1.2 to 1.5 g’s in a skid pad,” says Project Manager Alberto Da Rocha.  “A Ferrari can only pull .9.” 

Building a Formula SAE racecar takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work.  The students manage the entire process from design to safety features to sponsorship all by themselves.  The team currently has 24 sponsors, but they are always looking for more help. 

“Sponsors help us in so many ways,” says Da Rocha.  “Their generous donations make it possible for us to carry out a student project of this scale, but they also provide us with connections for our future.  Many of our past team members now work for companies that sponsored our car.”

This is the 11th consecutive time Western has entered the competition, which showcases engineering knowledge, manufacturing ability, and driving skills. Technical inspections, dynamic events, and endurance of the vehicles are key elements of the challenge. A new car must be built each year from each entrant.

The top winning team from the Michigan competition receives a cash prize, new sets of tires and a trophy. Those finishing in the top 10 will also receive trophies. Western’s best finish was in 2002 when they were named the top Canadian team and finished eighth in the world.

* Photos by Ralph Buchal and Allison Stevenson

Project Managers Alberto Da Rocha and Chris Gregory welcolme guests.

2005 Formula SAE team.

Alberto Da Rocha and Chris Gregory unveil the 2005 car.

Guests check out the new car.

Team members prep the car for a driving demonstration.

Chris Gregory prepares to drive the car.

2005 Formula SAE team.


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