News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 10
March 2005

Feldman's Future Set in Stone 
by Katherine Mills

Lisa Feldman, a Western Engineering PhD student, has been recognized by the American Concrete Institution (ACI) for her research contributions.  Along with six other students, Feldman has been selected as a finalist for one of two ACI Student Fellowship Awards.  These awards are given to high-potential undergraduate and graduate students involved in engineering construction management or similarly appropriate curricula. The purpose of the award is to attract, identify, and develop outstanding professionals for careers in the field of concrete.  The nominee must be a full-time student recommended by a faculty-member who also belongs to ACI. 

Associate Professor Mike Bartlett, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, feels that Lisa is more than deserving of this recognition. 

“Lisa’s unique combination of industrial experience, initiative and enthusiasm makes her an excellent researcher and an outstanding teacher and mentor.”

This honour is a very prestigious as students not only from Canada, but the United States, and Puerto Rico are also considered for the Fellowship.  Lisa is extremely proud to be representing Western and the nation, as one of only a handful of Canadian nominees.

Lisa’s specific research interests lie in the evaluation and repair of concrete bridges as well as the service life prediction of bridges.  Her PhD work involves the bond behaviour of plain reinforcement in historical concrete bridges.  

Previous to continuing her studies she worked for nine years as a Structural Engineering Consultant, and in returning to school hopes to pursue a professorship in Civil Engineering. 

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