News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 10
March 2005

City of London Design Competition
Tuesday, March 1

Six teams of fourth-year Civil and Environmental Engineering students - about 30 students total - pooled their knowledge and consulted with experts from within the university and professional engineering community to design a bridge or culvert structure for the annual City of London Design Competition.

This unique collaboration between the City and Western's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering allows engineering students to develop solutions to a real-world design project and provides the City with many possible options. This year, the challenge was to design a bridge or culvert structure to accommodate increasing Wonderland Road from two to four lanes over Snake Creek, near the London Museum of Archaeology.

Overall, the designs varied from a small culvert to a 100-metre multiple-span bridge; however all teams were environmentally conscious and respectful of preserving the archeology of the area.  

The designs were all judged equally on four attributes: aesthetics; innovation and engineering challenge; lifetime value and initial cost; and presentation of design. After significant deliberation, the judges announced they had narrowed down their top choices to two teams: CWI Engineering and International Connections Inc.  The judges felt both teams presented solid technical designs and oral presentations, but since it was a competition, the judges chose between the two.  CWI Engineering (consisting of Tanya Mackie, Tom Mara, Linda Quek, Brent Visscher and Jason Weck) was selected as the winning team and received $2,000, and International Connections Inc. (consisting of Lakeisha Albury, Roger Anderson, Khaled Inaim, Kirk Hendricks and Philip Roach) was awarded second place, receivng $1,750.  

Although not everyone could be declared top winner, all parties did walk away winners.  "The students experienced a real project where they were in control of their design," says Mike Bartlett, organizer and professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering . "The City of London gets a spectrum of design alternatives and the faculty witness the incredible effectiveness of problem-based learning. It's win-win-win."


Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Mike Bartlett was the MC for the event.

Dr. Ernest Yanful, Department Chair, welcomed guests and thanked the City of London for their contributions.

Peter Steblin, General Manager of Environmental and Engineering Services & City Engineer.

The judges

First Place: CWI Engineering

Tanya Mackie, Tom Mara, Linda Quek, Brent Visscher, Jason Weck. Also in photo, Dr. Yanful and Mr. Steblin.

CWI Engineering display board.

Second Place: International Connections Inc.

Lakeisha Albury, Roger Anderson, Khaled Inaim, Kirk Hendricks, Philip Roach.

International Connections Inc. display board.

DAF Consulting Ltd.

Meghan MacSween, Dan Martineau, Chris McMahon, Brooke Suurna, Joel Grace (not pictured).

DAF Consulting Ltd. display board.

London Bridge Corporation

Jonathon Darrell, Denise Fernandes, Jamie Iantomasi, Dominek Ken, Sara Kirchhefer.

London Bridge Corporation display board.

Maverick Consulting Ltd.

Claudio Gismondi, Tyson Pitt, Romeo Ramirez, Terry Rodgers, Michael Sousa, Michael Wu.

Maverick Consulting Inc. display board.

Atlantis Engineering Ltd.

Kevin DeLeebeeck, Lucy DeSousa, Mira Ki, Darryl Klassen, Dave Mitchell.

Atlantis Engineering Ltd. display board.

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