News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 11
April 2005
Design Day Final Presentations
Tuesday, March 22

The student groups selected as having the most outstanding presentations at Western Engineering's Design Day Competition presented their projects to a group of faculty, staff, students, alumni, family and friends.

Fourth-year design projects varied from a bridge design to accommodate increasing Wonderland Road from two to four lanes over Snake Creek, near the London Museum of Archaeology,  to a roll paper alarm system.

Electrical Engineering student, Gary Jan started his presentation by asking the group, "Have you ever had one of those embarrassing moments in a public washroom when you enter a stall only to find there is no toilet paper?"  Many of the audience members nodded with an embarrassed smirk, so Gary explained his design prototype to eliminate that from ever happening again.  He calls his design, The Roll Paper Alarm System.

The Roll Paper Alarm System incorporates a sensor system, door locking mechanism and communications interface to signal when the toilet paper dispenser has run out.  Here's how it works: a detector is added to the toilet paper dispenser to notify the alarm system when the paper has run out.  A magnetic proximity switch is added to the top of the stall door to detect if there is an occupant in the stall.  When the person who uses the last piece of toilet paper leaves, the door automatically locks behind them.  The door will not unlock again until a custodian enters the bathroom and enters a password into a keypad on the outside of the stall and refills the toilet paper dispenser.  Once the toilet paper dispenser recognizes that paper has been added, the door locking mechanism opens for future use.  For extra precaution, Gary has included an emergency button in case someone gets locked in my mistake.

Green Building design projects were also on display and included presentations for environmentally sustainable projects such as active solar energy collection and washroom designs.

"These projects feature the abilities our students have been developing over the past four years," says Dean Berruti.  "They can take this information and package it to promote themselves as they enter the work world."

Congratulations to the following student groups:
Fourth-Year Design Projects
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
Two Stage Gasification of Agricultural Waste to Produce Electrical Energy

Chris Coppens, Katherine Gunst, Patricia Munt, Kai Pisters

Civil Engineering
Best Wonderland Road Crossing: International Connections Inc
Lakeisha Albury, Roger Anderson, Kirk Hendricks, Khaled Inaim, Philip Roach

Computer Engineering
The Segmentation of Prostate Zones in Ultrasound Images
Ali Abdelhadi

Electrical Engineering
Roll Paper Alarm System
Gary Jan

Mechanical Engineering
Improved Automotive Parts Shipping Concept
Gary Chow, Scott Durnin, Kerry Kulak, Jessica Miller, Eystathios Tzaras, Trevor Whittingham

Software Engineering
Integration of Office system with RIM and XDG
Justin Duxbury, Laura Hammond, Besa Muslimi

Green Building Design Projects
Washroom Design in the Green Engineering Building
Hélène Bisson, Tom Ewart, Stephen Libin, David Safer

Green Building Design Project Team 1
Greg Ablett, Andrea Becker, Drew Davidge, Dennis Rijkhoff, Colin Ryan, Jonathan Welke

Designs for Active Solar Energy Collection
 Armando Mastrangelo, David Sincla

Designs for Active Solar Energy Collection:  Sensing, Control and Actuation
Taslim Amlani, Jaclyn Grimshaw, Ben Rankin

Fourth-Year Design Project Groups

Ali Abdelhadi, Computer Engineering

Chemical & Biochemical Engineering group

Civil Engineering group

Gary Jan, Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering group

Software Engineering group

Green Building Design Project Groups


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