News and Events
Volume 1 - Edition 11
April 2005

2005 Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer
Friday, April 1

The excitement was overwhelming at the 2005 Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer.  Family, friends, faculty and fellow students watched over 300 candidates receive their iron rings Friday, April 1 in Alumni Hall.

"I have never received so much congratulations in my life," confessed UES President, Anna Willemse.  "I have accomplished something only a few people can do. I am now a member of the elite."

Like all practicing engineers, Anna will wear her ring proudly on the little finger of her working hand.  Anna explains the ring will remind her of her hard work and determination.  "The iron ring is a status. I've been through engineering and seen people come and go. I made it. I stuck through all things and was able to complete the most demanding undergraduate program in the country."

For many, the iron ring is more important than convocation, but it is not a symbol signifying the end.  The ring's purpose is to direct young engineers towards a consciousness of their profession, and remind older engineers of their responsibilities in receiving, welcoming and supporting younger engineers in their beginnings. 



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