Dr. Katarina Grolinger


Katarina Grolinger received her PhD and MEng degrees in Software Engineering from Western University. Previously, she obtained her MSc and BSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Before joining Western Engineering as a professor, she was a postdoctoral fellow at Western where she was working on developing data analytics solutions for energy domain, clickstream data analytics, and Big Data processing. Her work is largely carried out in collaboration with industry where she develops research to solve industry problems. Professor Grolinger has over ten years of industry experience in various roles including software engineer, Oracle certified database administrator, and technical team leader.

The goal of Professor Grolinger’s research is to make better use of data, extract value from data, and support new data-driven solutions through data analytics. In recent years, the emergence of Big Data has created new opportunities in respect to insight discovery, improved decision making, and process optimization. Her work explores techniques for handling these massive data sets. Her research interests include data analytics, IoT, machine learning, Big Data, Smart City, data management, NoSQL and NewSQL databases.

Professor Grolinger's office is located in the Thompson Engineering Building, Room 371.
She can be reached at 519.661.2111 x 81407 or by email at kroling@uwo.ca.