Tony Straatman, 11th president of the CFD Society of Canada

Western Engineering News | November 13, 2013

Tony Straatman head shot

Tony Straatman

Mechanical and Materials Engineering professor Tony Straatman was named the 11th president of the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Society of Canada at the 2012 annual conference in Canmore, Alberta. His term will end in 2014, when the next president will be elected. 

“It has been an honour to serve as president of the CFD Society of Canada this past year,” explains Straatman. “Our society hosted a very successful conference in Sherbrooke in May 2013, with another planned for Toronto in 2014, in conjuction with the CSME Conference. Our Board of Directors continues to promote CFD research in Canada and abroad, and has achieved great success with the engagement of students and industry.  I look forward to working with the team again this year.” 

Established as a non-profit organization in September 1992, the goal of the CFD Society of Canada is to promote computational fluid dynamics and to provide a framework for communication and collaboration between researchers, developers and practitioners, in industry, government and academia. 

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