Jin Jiang opens labs to industry partners

Jin Jiang's lab

9th Annual UNENE Workshop on Nuclear I&C Systems

Western Engineering News  | November 8, 2013

Throughout the month of October members of the energy sector had the opportunity to tour Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Jin Jiang’s labs in the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion.

On Friday, Oct. 25 guests attended the 9th Annual UNENE Workshop on Nuclear I&C Systems. Over 21 people participated in the event, where they heard presentations from graduate students and industrial partners, and toured the Control, Instrumentation & Electrical System Laboratory. In particular, they watched demos on the operation of a physical simulator of nuclear power plants, and wireless remote performance monitoring systems for dynamic systems.

“Industrial partners and students are all enthusiastic about this event every year,” says Jiang. “My researchers and I truly enjoy hosting our industrial partners in our lab so we can showcase our research and answer their questions to real-world issues that they are facing in the workplace. In addition, they also provide many useful suggestions and comments to guide us in the right direction for the next year.”

Jin Jiang's lab

Microgrid and Distributed Generation Laboratory Research Day

On Thursday, Oct. 31 over 18 people attended the Microgrid and Distributed Generation Laboratory Research Day, hosted by Jiang to showcase the research projects on Distributed Generation and Microgrids. Detailed technical presentations as well as live demonstrations were conducted in the lab.

“The students in this lab have mastered a lot of new technologies and industry practice by working with industry partners,” explains Jiang. “Working with industry, we can expose the students to industry needs and we can also show industry the advance technologies available to them. Our research day was an excellent way to celebrate our collaborative research success.”

For more information about Jin Jiang’s research, please visit www.eng.uwo.ca/people/jjiang/index.htm