Engineering caretaking team brings life to Western Engineering buildings

Caretakine Team

Margaret Gicala, Georgina Giakoumatos, Nada Brkljac and Sedina Begovic are the recipients of the 2012 Engineering Award of Recognition.

Western Engineering News | April 18, 2013

As you walk through the hallways of the Spencer Engineering Building, or sit in the lobby of the Chemical and Biochemical Engineering department, you may find yourself more relaxed and at ease. 

This feeling is thanks to the beautiful flowers and plants that have been brought into our buildings by four members of the Western Engineering caretaking team, Sedina Begovic, Nada Brkljac, Georgina Giakoumatos and Margaret Gicala. 

“These four team members are responsible for the plants that have been sprouting up throughout our buildings,” says Mike Gaylard, Western Engineering’s Associate Director (Facilities) and award nominator. “These plants have been sourced, brought in an cared for by these four ladies over the past few years.  All of this has been done on their own initiative, and in some cases, purchased with their own money.” 

Their efforts are appreciated by many, in particular faculty and staff members in the department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering (CBE), where numerous plants and flowers have been added to the sitting areas. 

CBE  faculty and staff members have stated, “While they keep our corridors, offices, and most importantly all of the washrooms clean, [the caretaking team’s] effort to keep engineering corridors and lobbies green and lively with beautiful flowering and ornamental plants is what we admire the most.” 

Gaylard adds, “The extra care and effort the caretaking team puts into the greenery around our buildings has provided a positive impact on everyone who visits our buildings, including faculty, staff, students and visitors.” 

In recognition of their efforts to make our buildings green, comfortable and beautiful, the four members of the Engineering caretaking team have been awarded the Engineering Award of Recognition.  They will be presented with the award at the Western Engineering Faculty & Staff Awards Luncheon on May 16.