Western Engineering students committed to revitalizing undergraduate labs and facilities

Western Engineering News | September 28, 2012

The Undergraduate Engineering Society recently created a new fund called the Western Engineering Student Endowment Laboratory (WESEL) Fund, in response to a need to revitalize and update our undergraduate labs and facilities.

Following a model established at Engineering schools across Canada, in September 2012 a $50 voluntary fee was added to our students’ tuition to invest in this fund.  The interest on the fund will be available for disbursement by the Board of Directors as per Western University guidelines.

The WESEL fund will support initiatives to purchase and/or maintain equipment and facilities in undergraduate engineering laboratories.  Facilities can include purchases such as computer resources for labs, including hardware and software; reference materials, lab supplies as well as physical upgrades to undergraduate labs and facilities.


Western Engineering’s Director of Finance will administer the fund and a Board of Directors consisting of undergraduate students – representing all programs and years – and an alumnus will review the applications and will oversee the WESEL fund to make decisions on which projects are awarded funding annually.  Faculty and staff members will also be on the Board of Directors as advisors.

The interest earned in the fund each year will be spent on undergraduate laboratory equipment, computer upgrades, academic tools/teaching equipment and student projects and space.

All upgrades and equipment purchased with this fund will be acknowledged by a plaque or sign.


Similar funds have been established at Engineering schools across Canada and have seen much success.  The Waterloo fund began in 1990 and hit $10 million dollars in 2011.  

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to shape the future of Western Engineering.  Faculty, staff, alumni and friends also have the opportunity to contribute to this endowment thus giving back directly to our undergraduate students.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Lesley Mounteer at 519.661.3429 or lesley.mounteer@uwo.ca



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