IEEE Best Paper Award recipients

Engineering researchers win IEEE Best Paper Award

Western Engineering News | June 13, 2012

Western Engineering postdoctoral fellow Weikun Hou and his supervisor, Electrical and Computer Engineering professor Xianbin Wang, have won a Best Paper Award at IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) Signal Processing for Communications Symposium, together with their collaborator, professor Jean-Yves Chouinard, from Laval University.

Their paper, "Physical Layer Authentication in OFDM Systems Based on Hypothesis Testing of CFO Estimates," developed a new authentication technique to identify wireless communication devices through their hardware attributes.

Information security is becoming a critical challenge of wireless communications due to the open nature of radio signal propagation and the transparency of standardized transmission schemes. Among the various wireless security techniques, user/device authentication is one essential measure to identify legitimate radio terminals and protect the confidentiality of wireless communications.

The new authentication technique and prototypes developed by Wang’s team are based on hardware attributes and enhance the reliability of wireless device authentication and protect wireless infrastructure from weaknesses of current wireless communications protocols. There were 2819 paper submissions to the conference, of which 1,043 were published.

Watch a demonstration of the technology and prototypes developed at Western Engineering (narrated by Jay Nadeau). This study on wireless device authentication and prototype development has been sponsored by Defence Research and Development Canada.

The ICC is an annual conference of IEEE in communications systems and networking since 1965. The ICC 2012 theme is "Connect, Communicate, Collaborate” and is held from June10–15 at the Ottawa Convention Centre. The technical program of the ICC 2012 features major symposia, industry forums, workshops and tutorials. Full details of the conference are available on the website.



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