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Western Engineering News | September 17, 2012

By Heather Travis
You can see the handiwork of Bob Gordon, BESc’86 (Electrical), all across his alma mater.

The president and senior electrical engineer of Chorley + Bisset Ltd., a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm based in London, Ont., Gordon has overseen the electrical designs of Western University buildings such as the Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavilion, Support Services Building, Dental Sciences Addition and the Physics and Astronomy Building.

Originating from Strathroy, Ont., Gordon was interested in electrical and electronics from an early age and worked as an electrician on some university projects prior to enrolment at Western Engineering.

“Business, and more specifically a consulting engineering business, requires the ability to solve a variety of issues and problems,” he says. “My experience at Western has proved invaluable in my day to day tasks.

“At Western we quite often worked in teams and learned to breakdown large problems into manageable parts and reassemble into a solution. We use this same approach for large projects where we have many design team members covering various disciplines working together to a common coordinated design solution.”

Gordon attended Western as a mature student with a young family at home. Since graduation, he has given back to the profession by mentoring many junior electrical engineers, as well as recent immigrant engineers.

He is currently a designated consulting engineer and a registered communications distribution designer. Gordon is also a LEED accredited professional (LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

In addition to work on campus, Gordon has been involved in a number projects around the City of London, including the London Health Science Centre restructuring, London Life Building major renovation, John Labatt Centre, London Airport expansion, Covent Garden Market and Central Library.

Chorley + Bisset Ltd. employs several other Western Engineering graduates, including: Jeff Prevett, BESc’06, Mike Myatt, BESc’01, Robert Zolnierczyk, BESc’12, Jordon Foster, BESc’09, and Gino Vitella, BESc’04.

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