Aiham Adawi receives CPCI Ontario Chapter scholarship for research in precast concrete

Adawi receives CPCI Ontario Chapter scholarship for research in precast concrete

Western Engineering News | October 18, 2012

Aiham Adawi, PhD candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering, has been awarded a 2012 Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (CPCI) Scholarship for his research in precast concrete.

The scholarship is awarded to a deserving graduate or PhD student selected for their scholastic grades, attachment to the industry, willingness to pursue precast concrete as a career and their field of expertise aimed at precast research, among other criteria.

CPCI is the main source of technical information about precast/prestressed concrete in Canada.

Adawi’s research studies the shear capacity of hollow-core slabs, as well as the horizontal shear strength between hollow-core slabs and cast-in-situ concrete slabs. He is also studying the shear capacity of precast/prestressed concrete double tees when minimum shear reinforcement is not provided.

In addition to his research, he has participated in extracurricular activities involving precast concrete, such as developing design tables for hollow-core slabs and the Big Beam competition.

“This scholarship adds another level of credibility to my research,” says Adawi. “In addition, it would definitely open more doors for me to communicate my research objectives and obtain constructive feedback from the precast/prestressed concrete professionals including structural designers and production teams. This will surely enhance my research outcome and steer it well in the direction of benefiting the industry as a whole.”

Adawi appreciates the support for his research and the investment of CPCI in the future of the industry.

“Precast/prestressed concrete industry, in my opinion, represents the future of concrete construction, as opposed to cast-in-place concrete,” he continues. “This is greatly attributed to quality products, speed of construction and sustainability aspects.

“Relative research in this area helps solving technical problems associated with this type of construction in order to make it a more practical and cost effective alternative.”

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