Primak publishes book – Wireless Multi-Antenna Channels: Modeling and Simulation

Engineering News | November 30, 2011

Western Engineering is pleased to acknowledge the publication of the latest book, “Wireless Multi-Antenna Channels: Modeling and Simulation” by Serguei Primak, Associate Professor and Acting Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The book is  co-authored with Professor Valeri Kontorovich, CINVESTAV, Mexico.

This book offers a study on the role of channel models on communications system performance. The Authors focus on modeling and simulation of multiple parallel  channels, including multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) dynamic communication channels with special emphasis on channel estimation, prediction and system performance. Both narrowband and wideband models are discussed. The book also covers topics related to MIMO channel simulators, their numerical simulation, and applications for evaluation of estimation and prediction schemes. Impact of propagation environment on receive diversity, capacity and performance of space-time coding techniques is also discussed.

The book will be available for purchase in December 2011 through John Wiley & Sons Ltd. It is also available in an e-Book format.

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