Ehsan Salamati wins 1st Place in the CMBEC34 Student Paper Competition

Western Engineering News | June 15, 2011

Ehsan Salamati, an electrical engineering graduate student working under the supervision of electrical engineering professors Hanif Ladak and Abbas Samani, and Sumit Agrawal (Otolaryngology), won first place in the Student Paper Competition at the 34th annual Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference.

Salamati is developing, validating and applying methods to estimate the mechanical properties of the eardrum. This research is important for designing virtual environments for training ear surgeons, for developing computer models for surgical outcome prediction and in designing grafts to repair holes in the eardrum.

His winning paper is titled "Estimation of the orthortropic elastic properties of the rat eardrum."

The 34th annual Canadian Medical and Biological Engineering Conference was held June 5 – 8, 2011 in Toronto, ON.

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