MEng Project - MME 9600

The objectives of the MME 9600 MEng project course is to gain experience in: i) analyzing and obtaining a solution to advanced engineering problems, ii) the practical application of analytical, numerical and/or experimental engineering techniques, iii) synthesizing technical data such that a viable solution to an engineering problem can be reached and iv) preparing an engineering report that describes the problem, the methods used in the analysis of the problem, and the results and recommendations arising from the analysis.

This course will provide students with training in the preparation of an engineering report. As part of this training the students are required to give an oral presentation of the results of their projects.  The presentation will be held at the end of the term in which the final project report is submitted and will be scheduled by consultation with the project supervisor and the MME MEng Graduate Student Coordinator.

The presentation is to be no more than twenty minutes in duration and must present a concise description of the engineering problem that the project addresses, important back ground information relevant to the project, methods used to analyze and solve the problem, results of the analyses, and discussion of the impact and application of the results.

The presentation will be made to the MME MEng Graduate Committee who will assign a grade based upon the quality of the presentation.  This grade will represent 20% of the student’s final mark for the MME 9600 course.  The presentation is mandatory and the student cannot pass the MME 9600 course without giving a presentation.

The presentation will be open to the public and attendance by other students and faculty members is encouraged.