Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing

Video Conferencing

The Faculty of Engineering has Video Conferencing systems located in the Spencer Engineering Building. There are several video conferencing options available including Blackboard Collaborate and Skype for business.

There are professional systems (Tandberg) available in three rooms (SEB 3102, SEB 3109) in both board room and lecture room configuration.

These rooms each have a TANDBERG 6000 MXP Codec. These systems are configured to either direct dial outside systems or to use the UWO conference bridge. You can connect these systems to MULTIPLE sites both within and outside of Western at the same time.

Additionally, installed in SEB 2009B is a workstation with projector, webcam, microphone and Skype for Business. You must provide your own Skype ID. There are instructions on use of this equipment,  posted in the room itself. This system is not intended for robust requirements such as thesis defenses etc. because the network traffic which we cannot control may adversely affect performance and reliability.

Please contact ITG if you wish to use either the Tandberg system via the Engineering Help Desk

The IT Group needs to ensure that connections can be made PRIOR to the day of the conference. For that reason, we request at least 2 weeks’ notice prior to the day of the conference. The conferences need to be scheduled and time must be allocated to setup these conferences in advance. We may not be able to implement a conference for you with only one day's notice. The remote connections need to be tested BEFORE your scheduled conference.

Please provide the following information to the IT Group as soon as possible:

1. Name of the company and technical contact at the "far" end.

2. A telephone number and e-mail address of the technical contact at the "far" end.

3. Date and time of the conference (please factor in time zone differences).

4. The IP number and/or the ISDN number and the type of video conferencing system they are using.

a. The IP would be something like

b. We can provide our IP number upon request.

Upon receipt of this information, the IT Group will contact the company(s) and setup a trial connection to the remote site(s). This is absolutely required as there may be company firewalls to get thru and could take some trial and error to make it work, something that you do not want to try on the day of the conference. Once we have ensured and tested the connection, the IT group will setup the equipment immediately prior to the conference and will be available during the conference for any technical problems.

This equipment is provided to you for your use by the Dean of Engineering and you will not be billed for its use by Western Engineering. You are liable for any costs incurred that may be levied against you by the "far" end. Please discuss with the "far" end what, if any charges will be incurred. Even though you may choose an IP based system and there is no connection or long distance charges, some sites will charge back to you a "setup fee" for their cost recovery of staff time. They may also impose a "per hour" cost recovery fee for the use of their facilities at the "far" end.


A Polycom teleconferencing system suitable for medium size rooms is available for sign out from the Dean’s office and supports an IP based connection.