Network Access

Wired Network Access

To connect your computer to any of the wired network ports in any of the Engineering buildings please contact the ITG Helpdesk. Your machine must be registered for you to gain access. The following requirements must be met before this can be done:

  1. Your computer must have antivirus software which automatically updates itself. We support Trend, PC-Cillin for Laptops (or any machine which will be moving back and forth between Engineering and other locations). This is available at the Campus Computer Store. If the computer is a desktop and it will remain in Engineering, contact ITG and Trend Antivirus software will be provided for you.
  2. For Windows based computers, the latest service packs/patches must be installed. For registration purposes we need the following information:
    • Mac Address of your network adapter
    • University Email address
    • OS version
    • Room Number
    • Supervisor

Please note peer-to-peer applications or any torrent programs are not allowed. If ITS detects any peer-to-peer network traffic on your computer your network access will be discontinued until the application is removed. Contact the ITG Help Desk after you have removed the programs in order to reconnect to the network.

Wireless Network Access

Wireless service is currently available in Spencer Engineering Building, Thompson Engineering Building & Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Pavillion. For instructions about how to connect to Western's Wireless click here.

To connect to Western's wireless secure network using your smartphone, see the instructions here.