International Composite Research Centre

Current Graduate Students

FPC Internship

An important part of the training received by ICRC students is the four-month internship they will complete. Students will be trained in day-to-day operations, gaining in-depth knowledge of industrial composites research. For more information contact Brigitte Kok Madsen.

Annual Workshop

An annual workshop with experts from industry and academia will be part of the experience for ICRC’s graduate students, including expert keynote lectures, student oral and poster presentations, condensed short course(s) and ample opportunities for networking.

KIT PhD Exchange

PhD students, following the completion of their comprehensive examination, may apply for an exchange to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) where they will work with KIT faculty and participate in research and development activities at KITe-hyLITe – the German predecessor and parallel to the ICRC/FPC facility in London.

Access to funding to support the exchange will be by a competitive process.  A successful application will have: