International Composite Research Centre

Annual Workshop

An annual workshop, with experts from industry and academia, is part of the experience for ICRC's graduate students and will be comprised of expert keynote lectures, student oral and poster presentations, condensed short course(s), and ample opportunity for networking.

ICRC Workshop Highlights – July 2013

The first annual ICRC workshop was held from July 22-25, 2013 at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, London, Ontario. The workshop ran parallel and joint sessions for the ICRC Faculty members/Industry partners working on institute and project planning, and the students who took part in Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) development activities.

In between seesions, there were tours to the Fraunhofer Project Centre (FPC) to see SMC and LFT-D demonstration trials. There was also time to network both formally and informally and some energetic participants networked on the beach volley ball court, went for walks on the beautiful grounds, and all socialized over fabulous meals.

The HQP activities focused on helping with the development of the FPC internship and define how we want to achieve our goal of training highly successful engineering and science students through theory and practical experience. The students were also given the opportunity to present their current research and receive feedback from and engage in discussion with the ICRC faculty members and were engaged in outreach activities, such as planning activities for Western Engineering's Discovery Summer Camp.

The workshop was a great success and the next workship is being planned for the Summer of 2014 (date to come).