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Thank you for visiting the Geotechnical Research Centre (GRC) website. 

The main purpose of the GRC is to conduct geotechnical and related interdisciplinary research with emphasis on interfacing with industry. Western has a strong geotechnical program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The nine faculty members forming the Geotechnical Research Centre, together with ten associate members, are investigating a range of challenging geotechnical and geoenvironmental problems.  Learn more about us.

With eight research directors and 10 associate members, the GRC can form small or large multidisciplinary research teams capable of solving complex problems faced by industry and government. Learn more about our research expertise.

GRC researchers are involved in many projects, both as consultants and as researchers. The expertise of this group has enabled geotechnical research to cross traditional disciplines and foster more extensive collaborations between the University and industry.  Learn more about our services.

The GRC consists of several modern research laboratories, numerous micro- computers and workstations, and extensive access to the University's mainframe computers and super computer. Learn more about our facilities.

We consist of eight research directors, ten associate members, four staff members, over 62 graduate students and over 300 alumni.  Learn more about our people.

We also offer Short Courses , GRC Awards , DYNA6.1 software .

To become a corporate member please contact Dr. Lo at 519.661.2125.  Annual membership is $250. 

Learn more about corporate member benefits.