Q&A with Zoee Fox

Zoee is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Zoee.

What inspired you to choose engineering?
In high school, my favourite subjects were math, chemistry and physics. In grade 10, careers class when my teacher told me that being an astronaut “was a not the career to gear my resume towards, for class purposes” I began investigating other careers that involved math, chemistry and physics, it wasn’t long till I decided I would base my grade 10 careers project on being an Engineer. From that point on I decided that I would be an astronaut with the fall back plan of being an Engineer. A couple years later, reading dozens of biographies about astronauts, it didn’t seem like the fit for me and when the decision about universities and programs came along I set my mind on going into engineering.

Why Western Engineering?
The only person I knew who graduated from engineering before entering university was my brother's friend Sean. Sean went to Western for Chemical Engineering, and whenever he was over at our house, he had always said he was really enjoying himself at school, unlike most of his friends who weren’t enjoying their program and, or school, so since then Western Eng was on my radar for places I wanted to go. In grade 11, when coming to Western for a tour, I fell in love with the campus, the old buildings, spring blossom trees, the busy UCC, I liked it all and could definitely see myself going to Western.

Can you talk about your extra curricular activities at Western?
I am involved in a number of engineering related clubs, a few non-engineering clubs, volunteer organizations, intermural teams, and I also have a job. I strongly encourage new students to get involved in any way possible, it’s an opportunity to make new friends and take your mind off the stress of school. Engineering clubs in particular in first year give you a taste of the different streams that you can go into after first year, they are a fun way to learn and increase your knowledge in engineering.

Can you talk about your residence experience?
I was put in my last pick for residence with a random roommate in a traditional style room. I was not ecstatic going into it, but it turned out to be amazing! I would not change a single thing, my roommate and I became extremely close and the traditional room style felt like we were having a sleepover every night!

How do you manage school-related stress?
Balance. I find I am most stressed about school when I am either spending all my time in the library, or avoiding work by doing anything but step foot in a library. I try and balance out some time for friends, relaxing, exercise and school work.

What is your favourite quote?
"No one ever inured their eyesight by looking on the bright side of things."

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