Q&A with Yara Ibrahim

Yara is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Yara.

What inspired you to choose engineering?
I was inspired to choose engineering because of the endless opportunities and possibilities that exist in the field. I have always taken a strong liking and excelled in math and sciences but was unsure of where I could see that taking me.

I chose engineering because I felt that with a degree in engineering science, it would allow me to explore the different disciplines of engineering and see where my interests lie while providing me with a vast range of opportunities after graduating.  In my opinion, pursuing a degree in engineering is limitless.  The knowledge and thinking process obtained throughout this program leaves student equipped and capable of tackling many different jobs and industries.

Why did you choose Chemical Engineering?
After taking chemistry in first year and truly enjoying the course, my interest in chemical engineering was sparked. After assessing the upper year courses and seeing the career options that were possible, it reaffirmed my decision to pursue Chemical Engineering. The opportunity to taking a wide range of courses applicable in many engineering fields such as thermodynamics and fluid flow while possessing a unique engineering background in organic chemistry and biochemistry was an unparalleled experience.

The lab component of the degree was unique and allowed me to get plenty of hands of experience applying my knowledge. The career options existing in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer goods industries has truly intrigued me to apply my chemical engineering background to those fields.

Why Western Engineering? 
Western Engineering provides its students with such a unique experience that has been above and beyond my expectations. I was always undecided between pursing Engineering or Business and the fact that Western has allowed me to combine these degrees together made Western a top contender. Then, when I came to Fall Preview Day, and got the opportunity to see the campus and meet current students, I felt right at home.

The transition to university was very daunting and it was extremely important to me that I had sufficient support and a welcoming atmosphere, something I highly pride Western on. I also really valued that the engineering faculty here at Western was smaller because I liked being able to know most students in my classes, as well as having professors recognize me and being able to easily approach them for help. The general first year was extremely important to me as I was unsure about what discipline to pursue, but getting to experience each one prior to making this decision helped me confirm my interest in my program, as well as allow me to have a background knowledge in various engineering disciplines.

Can you talk about the benefits of a Dual Degree in Ivey HBA?
There are many benefits that I discovered when I decided to pursue the dual degree in Engineering and HBA. The first reason was that I could combine two things I am most passionate about and further develop my knowledge in both. The analytical skillset paired with crucial business judgement is extremely valued in a wide range of industries. The dual degree does an amazing job at developing students with the ability to build a bridge between the technical aspect of a project as well as effectively communicate those ideas and be an effective business leader. This program will leave me fully equipped to tackle the industry of my choice and truly make an impact with my strong education and leadership repertoire.

What is your favourite movie?
My favourite movie has to be a two-way tie between Inception and the Prestige. Christopher Nolan is a phenomenal director and I love movies that leave you at the edge of your seat and make you think

What is success to you?
Success to me means creating goals for yourself that you are passionate about and working hard to achieve those goals. I believe an important part about being successful is never stopping after you achieve those goals, I think it means you should continuously be making new goals for yourself and always try to improve. Those that are most successful are the ones that are constantly pushing themselves and pushing limits. 

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