Q&A with Nicholas Katsiris

Nicholas is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Nick.

Why did you choose software engineering?
Ever since I took my first programming course in grade eleven I know that I wanted to work with computers in university. The feeling that you get when your code works is unbelievably rewarding and got my hooked right away.  What I love about software engineering is that we get to learn the technical skills required to code at a high level, but we also learn the theory and the tools required to lead projects and manage other programmers.

Why Western Engineering?
I chose Western because of the amazing number of opportunities to tailor your degree to your career goals. The ability to combine my engineering education with a business degree at Ivey opens so many possible career goals, which is really hard to find from a five-year program. Additionally, the amazing student experience at Western means that I get to be involved in so many different ways around campus, which really contributes to my development not just as a student, but as a person and member of the community.

Can you talk about your residence experience?
In my first year I lived in Essex Hall, a suite style residence on the south side of campus. I lived on a floor with student from all over the country in a whole variety of programs at Western, and I could not have had a better experience. My old roommates and floormates are now some of my best friends. Having a strong sense of community on our floor made first year an amazing experience, because a support system to rely on makes school so much easier.

How do you manage school-related stress? 
When school gets stressful, I find that it’s best to break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable tasks. Once you start to get a few things done, the ball gets rolling and you feel like you can really tackle all of your work.  Additionally, it’s best to be proactive – use your motivation to get things done way before they’re due, and that way you prevent things from pilling up on you.

Favourite study spot on campus?
The second floor at Weldon is my favourite spot to study on campus. Even though it’s probably the busiest floor at Weldon, watching everybody else work makes me extremely productive.  And because light conversation is permitted, I don’t feel bad if I have to ask someone for help!

Who do you look up/admire to and why?
I really admire my grandparents, because they immigrated to Canada from Greece with no money or family.  They took such a huge risk but worked hard enough to provide for my dad and his brother, who have paid it forward.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a huge basketball fan and player. I follow the NBA avidly and I play at the rec center at least a few times a week!

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