Q&A with Keemia Abbaszadeh

Keemia is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Keemia.

What inspired you to choose engineering?
I was originally interested in engineering because physics and math were my favourite courses in high school, but I decided to pursue engineering because I would be learning how to solve real-world problems and make an impact on the world. Engineering also opens so many doors to other career paths, and I’m very curious and excited as to where my path will take me!

Why Western Engineering?
I chose Western Engineering because of how adaptable this program is. The general first year has allowed me to take time to figure out which discipline I want to pursue, while getting the right information from upper year students and professors. I’m interested in both co-op placements and international opportunities, and Western allows me to do both of those within my degree. I also really love the environment here; there is a great balance between academics and social aspects of student life, and the support systems have been incredibly helpful during my transition to university. Western Engineering is a community that I am extremely proud to be a part of.

Can you talk about your extracurricular activities at Western?
I’m a part of Engineers Without Borders, Women in Engineering, and I’m a First Year Representative on the Undergraduate Engineering Society. Getting involved in extracurriculars has allowed me to meet some amazing and inspirational people, give back to my Western community, and take time away from my studies to pursue other passions of mine.

What was your orientation week experience like as a first-year student?
O-Week was a non-stop whirlwind of getting to know new people and attending fantastic events. It was an awesome way to start off my time at Western and was made even more awesome by the super high-energy sophs!

What is something you miss most from your childhood?
Dedicated daily nap time.

Best place to get coffee on campus?
The Spoke!

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