Q&A with Ivan Zvonkov

Ivan is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Ivan.

Why did you choose Software Engineering? 
I chose Software Engineering because I enjoyed the programming course and math courses in first year – all the courses in Software Engineering are based on math and programming.  It is the future – software programs are helping our lives more and more, wouldn’t it be cool to write code to make your own life easier? The job’s in high demand and you can use what you learned to make your own project or app. 

Why Western Engineering?
Dual Degree Opportunity – Want to make your degree unique. Combine it with another degree like Business, Law, Biology or anything else – just talk to your academic counsellor.

Great extracurricular opportunities – Western Engineering has very high funding for the large selection of clubs and teams and as a result these clubs and teams have the right resources for the members to get the most of them.

Student Experience – Western Engineering starts off with a fantastic orientation week where each student gets to meet their soph (an upper year student who’ll be a very helpful friend for the rest of university). Throughout the year students are always welcome to the Undergraduate Engineering Society’s Lounge where you’ll always find someone to hangout with, someone to help you with homework or someone to beat in foosball.  

Can you talk about your extracurricular activities at Western?
Currently I am the VP External on the Undergraduate Engineering Society which means I represent our engineering students to many different national and provincial organizations. It is a demanding role but truly something I enjoy.

Often the initial reason many people justify doing an extra curricular activity is to add an extra line to their resume. To me doing extra curriculars is so much more. They provide a great contrast to school, you get to meet a bunch of awesome people and also you get to see your efforts making an impact on others.

Study tips for current/future students?
Two words - Pomodoro Technique

Favourite study spot on campus?
I have nice list that works for me.

  1. For intense focus – Taylor Library Downstairs Cubicles – it’s silent.
  2. For productive work – Study at Gym – when you get tired, workout.
  3. For homework with study group – Taylor Library Main Floor – it was renovated recently, looks pretty.
  4. For homework with friends – Undergraduate Engineering Lounge – you can play foosball, pool or cards during your breaks.


What is your favourite quote?

  1. Haste makes waste.
  2. A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.

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