Q&A with Antonio Bosnjak

Antonio is a student ambassador here to answer your questions. Click here to contact Antonio.

Why did you choose Mechanical Engineering & Business?
As a mechanical engineer you can apply your knowledge to a vast array of industries. Whether that be in aerospace, automotive, or biomedical sectors, your skills are a valued asset. The additional business education has not only improved my leadership and communication skills, but has given me a unique perspective on both fields. As a dual degree candidate, I have always enjoyed working at the interface of science and business, and possessing knowledge of both has accelerated my development in becoming an influential decision maker. After all, leadership is the most applicable form of one’s knowledge.

Why did you choose Western Engineering?
Western Engineering offers outstanding flexibility and diversity in allowing you to tailor your engineering student experience to your interests and passions. Between nine different streams, optional co-op or internship opportunities, dual degrees with law or business, and the vast array of student clubs, Western Engineering provides you with opportunities to develop your interest in certain fields into applicable skills. The dual degree with the Ivey School of Business was a deciding factor in my choice to study at Western, and has been an experience that has greatly embellished my engineering experience.

Favourite Quote: 
Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others - John Maxwell

Fun fact about yourself? 
My ears are not symmetrical.

Study Tips?

  1. Staying organized. The less time you waste on trivial tasks, the more time you spend being productive. Staying organized will help you complete your work efficiently, and on time.
  2. Stay organized. This is so important it belongs on this list twice.
  3. Pace yourself. Engineering is a marathon, not a sprint. Students who budget their time wisely often perform better on evaluations and are less stressed during exam periods.

Final Thoughts:
Transitioning to engineering will be stressful for most students, and that’s completely normal. Find something that you love. As an avid motorcyclist, there is nothing more I enjoy than a “rip on the bike after a long day behind the desk”. Whether it’s pranking your neighbors in residence, or going to the gym, find something that will help you de-stress. Do your best to savour the experience, not just survive it. You will encounter many brilliant and accomplished people at Western, go through periods of self- reflection and growth, and be a part of many life-changing experiences. Cherish these opportunities; learn and grow from all of your experiences and you will leave Western with more than just an engineering degree.

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