Eugen Porter

Eugen Porter

Technical Specialist 6
Electrical and Computer Engineering
(Electronics Shop)

Contact Information:
Spencer Engineering Building, Room 3105
519-661-2111, ext. 83332

How long have you worked at Western Engineering?            
Since June 2002.

What do you do in your role at Western Engineering?
In my role as the Technical Specialist in the ECE Electronics Shop, I ensure lab equipment is in good working order. I repair lab equipment and design/manufacture new lab equipment not only for ECE but for all of Engineering. I also design and manufacture research equipment for faculty members and grad students.

I am also the Lead Technical Specialist for the Mechatronics System Engineering course. In this role, I provide technical and programming advice. I also design, build and maintain the MSE course equipment. I assist with TA training for MSE courses in designing new lab equipment and designing course projects.

Ten years ago, I founded WE Bots - Western Engineering's Robotics Club. I assist the students in this club by tutoring them in programming micro-controllers, soldering surface mount components and constructing various types of autonomous robots.

Five years ago, I started a second Robot Club called WE FIRST. This is a mentorship club for Western students to mentor local high school students who are involved in FIRST Robotics. With this year's 35 members, we organized and ran London's FLL qualifier at Western with great success. WE FIRST also mentors 15 high schools, assisting them with programming, design, sponsorship, shop time and ideas.

What is your educational background?       
I graduated from Seneca College in 1986 from the Electronic Engineering Technologist program.

Why are you passionate about being a part of Western Engineering?                      
Working with and helping the faculty, staff and students makes this a great place to work. There are always new design challenges and the courses and technologies are continually improving and evolving.