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A Letter from the Graduate Chair

Welcome to the Graduate Program at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Western University.

Western University has been offering high quality education for well over 100 years and continuing on to the next generations to come. The ECE Department at Western provides an opportunity to graduate students to be part of one of the top Universities in Canada.  Offering not only great professors, but, providing students with an innovative and hands-on curriculum.  We are fortunate to have modern facilities and dedicated technical and office staff to support our academic programs and research.

The ECE Department offers graduate programs at the masters (M.E.Sc. and M.Eng.) and doctoral (Ph.D.) level in the following research areas: biomedical systems, communications systems and data networking, applied electrostatics and electromagnetics, microsystems and digital signal processing, power systems engineering, robotics and control, and software engineering.

The M.E.Sc. program introduces the student to research and permits some degree of specialization in the chosen field.  This is achieved through 4 “half” courses, specialist training by the thesis supervisor, and by attendance and presentation at research seminars.  The M.Eng degree permits the student to broaden and deepen his or her education within a time-limited framework.  This degree also provides practicing engineers an opportunity to upgrade their technical knowledge to meet the demands for technological advancements in their fields.  The Ph.D. program prepares the candidate for a career in research and development, academia, or highly specialized technical consulting.  Ph.D. graduates will develop the ability to undertake independent research, to prepare papers for publication, and to develop leading edge expertise in one specific sub-discipline.

London is at the centre of Southwestern Ontario. As Canada's 10th largest centre, the London region has a population of over 490,000 and serves as a hub for neighbouring communities. Campus life offers everything that you can imagine within walking distance from any of the on campus residences or the numerous rental properties surrounding the university. Within walking distance, Western students have access to a wide variety of services; post office, banks, medical clinics, pharmacy, convenience shops, new and used bookstores, a great variety of places to grab a meal, new and improved recreational facility with a pool and state of the art gym, two art galleries and a live theatre are just some of the services that Western students have access to.

The selection of the university and supervisor are very important decisions. If you are considering a graduate degree in the one of the research areas above, then I encourage you to explore the Department website to learn about the innovative research being conducted here.  Furthermore, The Graduate Coordinators and I are happy to answer any question that you may have.


Jayshri Sabarinathan

Graduate Chair, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering