Undergraduate Engineering Student Donation & Laboratory Fees

Undergraduate Engineering Donation Fee

This fee supports the operations of the Undergraduate Engineering Society (UES) and student led initiatives on projects, teams, groups and clubs for the benefit of all Engineering students. Since its inception in 1991, the donation fee has supported the creativity and successes of our students. For more information please visit the Undergraduate Engineering Project Fund website.

Western Engineering Endowment Laboratory Fund (WESEL) Fee

This fee supports the renewal and upgrading of undergraduate laboratories and facilities. An endowed fund will be established once sufficient funds are accumulated and the balance of funds will be utilized toward current year projects.

WESEL Equipment Purchase History - select to view projects supported.


$150 ($20 – UES (non-refundable); $80 to project fund; $50 to undergraduate laboratory fund)

Donation Receipt

Tax receipts will be issued to contributing students at the end of February.

Opt-Out Provision

All students pay these fees during the normal registration process, however, if for any reason you do not wish to contribute in this manner, you have a right to opt-out of the $80 donation and/or the $50 laboratory fee. After paying your fees and you wish to opt-out, you must complete the on-line Opt-Out Form

The deadline for submitting opt-out requests is September 30th, 2017. 

You will receive a credit to your tuition account if you have fees owing, otherwise a refund will be issued in early November by the Registrar's office.  

To Enroll in Direct Deposit:  Log into your Student Center account, Click on "Enrol in Direct Deposit" in the Finances section and input your banking information.