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The University of Western Ontario (UWO) is a world leader in the area of particle technology, powder handling, fluidization, crystallization and multi-phase flow systems. Control and Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (CCPL) was formed to provide a platform for Western researchers to collaborate among themselves and to provide the best service to the research community. CCPL is dedicated to the advancement of research, innovation, and technological development in the control and crystallizationtechnology area and aims to establish and enhance research collaboration with other university research groups, research institutions and the industry.

CCPL includes more than 15 researchers carrying out numerous research projects over a wide range of particle technologies including: Optimization, MPC controller, Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals, Polymorphism, Calorimetery, Nanotechnology, Particle Processing, Drug Characterization, Adaptive and optimal control . Many research results have been applied to the chemical, biochemical, environmental, materials, food and pharmaceutical industries. The group continues to be a leader in innovation and development of research projects and technologies that are of highest priority and relevance to some of today's leading industries. On average theCCPL members publish over 20 research papers a year.

The researchers involved with CCPL have been very successful and thus significant research funding has been received from NSERC, industrial collaborators and other sources. In particular, one Infrastructure grants ($1.7M ) was given to Prof Rohani (2001) by Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) to provide important infrastructure support for particle research at Western. Over 10 graduate students received their degree in the past 5 years under the direction of the core members.

In addition, the Control and Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (CCPL) was recently established to provide analytical services on particle research and development projects and also to promote research collaborations with industry. The Facility has many state-of-the-art instrument including XRD, TGA, DSC, HPLC, GC/MS, Malvern and Dry particle size analyzers, surface profiler etc. The Control and Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals (CCPL) provides an affordable and easy to access facility. Furthermore, CCPL is committed to offering advanced particle processing equipment and analytical instrumentation that are supported by a knowledgeable staff of engineers, devoted to the highest quality of services. Furthermore, the aim of CCPL is to be an outstanding leader in providing analytical services through the provision of a consistent, superior quality services in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

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