Internship Program - Things to Consider


You may want to consider buying bonds or RRSP's to reduce the amount of taxes you pay while working. If your income is lower when you return to school these investments can be cashed out at a lower tax rate.

Medical Plans

Canadian citizens and permanent residents are NOT covered by the University health plan while on internship. Be sure to keep your OHIP number with you. For extra medical coverage such as prescriptions, eye glasses, dental, etc. you may want to look into a private health plan, i.e.: Blue Cross.

International students participating in an internship, please click here for UHIP information.

Vacation Policy

Ask your employer about earned holidays. Find out how many (if any) you are entitled to and if there are any restrictions regulating when you can take them.

Overtime Policy

Ask your employer how they reimburse for overtime.


Credit may be given towards the licensing requirement for work during your internship, if your supervisor is a professional engineer.

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Students who qualify to receive a continuing university scholarship in the academic year in which they participate in this Internship program will be permitted to defer the receipt of the scholarship for one year. It is the students responsibility to inform the Engineering Career Services Office of their scholarship, and that it needs to be deferred. The deferral will be looked after by the finance office.

Student Cards

Students are not eligible for the bus pass, or free access to the recreation centre on campus, as ancillary fees are not paid while out on placement. Interns can pay a discounted fee to utilize the Western Student Recreation Centre on campus.