Appeal Procedures

The performance of each student in the Internship program is assessed on the basis of satisfactory completion of the entire placement term as laid out in the contract signed with Engineering Career Services, the Employer's Evaluations of the student's performance, and an evaluation of the student's Report. The grade for the courses are either Satisfactory or Fail and a Satisfactory grade will require that both the Employer's Evaluations and the Report are satisfactory.

The Employer's Evaluation is completed by the student's employer in accordance with prescribed guidelines, it is not necessarily based on written work submitted by the student although such work may provide a part of the material upon which the evaluation is based.  Engineering Career Services will mark the Internship report. If the basis for the grade is the evaluation of the Internship Report, then the usual appeal procedures of Western University will be followed. The successive levels of appeal are:

  • Engineering Career Services;
  • The Dean or Dean's designate (submission of written request);
  • Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA) - (submission of written application for a hearing).

If the basis of the unsatisfactory grade is entirely or in part the Employer's Evaluations, then the student will appeal in writing directly to the Dean or the Dean's Designate. The Dean (or designate) will meet with the student and will request an explanation, if necessary, from the employer and will make a decision on the basis of the available information. The decision of the Dean (or designate) will be final.