Application Process

Step One

Pay application fee of $100

Submit Application Fee Payment on Engineering Ecommerce Site
Pay by Visa or MasterCard
Ensure that your name (student name) is entered in the appropriate field (especially if the name on the credit card is not the same as the student’s name).
Under “Item to be Purchased”, select Intern/Co-op Application Fee ($100.00)


Please login to CareerCentral to submit your application to participate in Summer Co-op.

Status of your application - Can be viewed by selecting the Internship/Co-op tab when logged in to your CareerCentral account.
If your application has been approved - You will now have access to view/apply to Summer Co-op positions. 

Step Two

Check postings regularly on CareerCentral.

You should be checking postings on a regular basis once approved to view the job descriptions and interview schedules.

Step Three – Employer Job Description

Read each job posting carefully to determine: application deadline date, interview dates, length/dates of co-op, requested degree programs, and method of application.

Step Four – Application Procedure

Electronically submit resumés, cover letters, and transcripts to the job description on CareerCentral or to an external email/website address by the specified date.

Step Five – Interview Sign Up

Students who are extended an interview by a company will receive an e-mail from CareerCentral or Engineering Career Services.

Step Six – Interview

Be sure to arrive at least ten minutes early for your interview. Dress in appropriate business attire. Remember to bring copies of your resumé and transcript with you. You are welcome to bring a pad of paper and pen to write down any job details they give you. If second interviews are necessary, they may be scheduled by the employer at their location or on campus.

Step Seven – Job Offers

Employers will contact Career Central or Engineering Career Services with job offers details. Be sure to check your Western e-mail, as you will be notified via this method.

If your application has been declined - You have not met one or more of the eligibility requirements. Please contact Career Services to discuss.

*Note to first-year students: Your applications will not be evaluated until mid-January when your fall term grades have been checked.