Jennifer Ng

Jennifer Ng

"An appeal to the program was its length. I would be able to see my projects come full circle, from beginning to end."

Fourth-Year Mechanical Engineering | Trudell Medical International

What types of projects have you worked on during your placement?

In my placement I tested current and newly designed products, and then wrote technical reports of my findings. I helped the Design Engineers in product development. There were also opportunities to design jigs and adapter pieces using CAD to aid in testing procedures.

How did you find your placement?

I found my placement through Career Central. It was a very straightforward process, in which the employer posted a job listing on the website and I applied. The convenient thing was that they conducted their interviews on campus, rather than having to go to the company's location.

Why did you choose to participate in our co-op/internship program?

I chose to participate in the internship program because I wanted to have some engineering job experience before I graduated. I had never completed a co-op over the summer in an engineering position so it was a great opportunity to take advantage of. Though it has added another year to my schooling, it was nice to know it would be a paid position, as well as one located in London. Another positive appeal to the program was its length. I would be able to see my projects come full circle, from beginning to end.

Did Western Engineering’s Career Services’ office help you prepare for your placement?

Western Engineering's Career Services' office did help me prepare for my placement. They helped look over my resume and cover letter before I started submitting them for open job positions. They also helped answer any questions I had with regards to working in industry.

What are the benefits of participating in the placement?

There have been many benefits of participating in the placement. I have gained experience through hands-on work and social interaction with Engineers and other technical staff. Also, it is great exposure to the medical industry itself. Knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical industry, this internship has exposed me to the protocol and procedures that must be followed in order to develop medical products, something which I wouldn't have known if it weren't for this internship. Another benefit has been learning about what an Engineering job entails, by understanding the responsibility and reasoning behind the decisions they make in product development.

What have you learned during the course of your placement?
Over the course of the internship I have learned the value of decision making when it comes to product development. I have a greater understanding in the process of developing a product, all the necessary steps, compliance and testing procedures. There has also been exposure to writing technical reports that are used as a basis of research and verification of the products. Other than Engineering, I also learnt a lot about the company, other departments and what enables the company to be as successful as it is.

Would you recommend a co-in/internship to other students?

I would highly recommend an internship to other students. It really has been a great learning experience, one I wouldn't have had prior to graduating if it weren't for the program. Being submerged in an Engineering position for 16 months has given me the opportunity to see and understand what an industry job would entail after graduation.