Ian Fan

Ian Fan

"The internship has provided a greater appreciation for system efficiency and the changing market."

Fourth-Year Integrated Engineering | Celestica Inc.

Where are you completing your internship placement? Why did you select this company?

I am completing my internship placement at Celestica Incorporated. Celestica is an innovative supply chain services provider that offers end-to-end solutions – from design, through to delivery and after-market support. I applied to Celestica’s internship program because at the time of application I had very little idea of what exactly Celestica, or any electronics manufacturing and services company, does on a daily basis. I was interested in understanding the full extent of what an EMS company does, and in particular, what Celestica does as some information that can be shared in public view is limited and understandably constrained for customer security.

What do you hope to gain from this internship experience?

I had hoped to gain technical engineering experience, however my position leans more to a non-technical role. However, my report chain has been phenomenal in allowing me the freedom to take on extra tasks to obtain the experience and skills that I wish to acquire.

How are you applying knowledge and skills you learned at Western Engineering?

I am applying my design process and programming logic skills that I learned at Western in this position. As stated previously, my position is more non-technical but in reality I may be using many inherent skills picked up from engineering courses, but not realize it as the skills have been ingrained so well.

What type of roles/experiences have you had at your current placement?

My role is a commodity management associate within the corporate commodity processes and applications team, which is part of the supply chain management organization. I provide support to commodity managers who negotiate part pricing for the products Celestica produces. I also take part in some quotation and analysis to any changes in the pricing of the parts. I also facilitate creation of applications and programs to expedite manual routine tasks to make them automatic. I am responsible for maintaining part of Celestica’s intranet. Going beyond my routine tasks and job description, I assist in teaching certain aspects of Celestica’s process and how to create applications (read: Macros and Access forms) to less programming literate groups.

How has the internship enhanced your learning experience at Western Engineering?

The internship has enhanced my experience at Western by providing a greater appreciation for system efficiency and the changing market, which affects the most common constraint of cost in design. It has also enforced the importance of documentation and training prior to any task. Working at Celestica as also enhanced my leadership skills as I lead a small group of other interns on a project.

What insights have you gained from this experience that will help you make decisions about your future career?

I have gained insight into the office side work of major corporations and how engineering skills do not necessarily need to be technical to carry over. It has given me a clearer view of possible career paths and has helped me understand the electronics market a little better.

What do you enjoy the most/is the most rewarding about your internship?

The most rewarding thing about the internship is the feeling of being able to make my coworker’s job more comfortable by providing automations, accurate explanation, and expeditions of requests. From this the appreciation and thanks I receive are part of the reward.