Dean Donovan

Dean Donovan

"I hope to gain a lot of industry experience and see real world applications of the things we learn in school."

Third-Year Mechanical Engineering | Suncor Energy Inc.

Where are you completing your internship placement? Why did you select this company?

Suncor Energy Inc., Sarnia Refinery. I selected this company because it is the largest integrated Oil and Gas Company in Canada that values safety, community, people, the environment and sustainability. Being the leader in the industry, they can offer more future opportunities to broaden my knowledge as a mechanical engineer.

What do you hope to gain from this internship experience?

I hope to gain lots of industry experience and add to my knowledge that will help me in the future. I would like to see real world applications of the things we learn in school and see how they operate. I also wish to learn how equipment is assembled and ways to improve equipment reliability to ensure a safe and profitable operation.

How are you applying knowledge and skills you learned at Western Engineering?

I am applying skills I learned in school by solving issues related to rotating equipment through vibration and oil analysis. I have to use problem-solving skills, which I learned in school, to do this. I’ve also been able to use my communication skills to work with co-workers, perform presentations and meet with material/service providers. My knowledge has helped me on a wide range of issues due to my ability to read drawings, understand how certain equipment works and therefore being able to understand where problems are located.

What type of roles/experiences have you had at your current placement?

My main roles are to perform all the vibration and oil analysis on site. I am also involved in various projects such as switching over oil lubrication brands and implement a mobile, wireless pump monitoring system, which can be used to diagnose problem pumps. I’ve been able to meet various suppliers, discussing products and benefits for Suncor Energy Inc. to help our operation be safe and reliable.

How has the internship enhanced your learning experience at Western Engineering?

It has enhanced my learning experience by giving me the opportunity to see how the real world operates and giving me industry experience to broaden my knowledge. I am very pleased with this experience and would recommend it to anyone that may be thinking of it as an option.

What insights have you gained from this experience that will help you make decisions about your future career?

I have seen a lot from this experience and found things that are of interest to me. I have learned a lot about an industry that was unknown to me and gave me a good idea of a path that would be suitable for my tastes.

What do you enjoy the most/is the most rewarding about your internship?

The most rewarding thing about this internship is the ability to help the company save production costs by finding issues with equipment before it fails. I get the ability to contribute to diagnosis and decision-making by participating in team discussions and problem-solving.