Summer Co-op Program

Summer Engineering Co-op Program

What is Summer Co-op?

The Summer Engineering Co-op Program is designed to assist employers to find quality candidates for the summer months. The duration of the co-op is four months - from May to August.


Pro-active recruitment - You can assess the potential of future graduates.

  • Employer of Choice - Your company will establish a presence and image our co-op students will share with their classmates when they return to school.
  • Potential Re-hires - You can save recruitment costs by rehiring for future summer positions or Internship placements within your organization.
  • Reduce Costs - Co-op placements may be created to complete short-term work assignments, special projects and research.

For maximum benefit of employers and co-op students, it is recommended that co-op work terms have the following components:

  • Relevant, degree-related projects
  • Supervision and mentorship
  • Orientation and job training
  • Health and safety training
  • Outline learning objectives
  • Provide student evaluations

Summer Co-op Tax Credit

To help offset the cost to employers when hiring co-op students, the Ontario government provides a refundable tax credit for hiring students enrolled in a recognized post-secondary co-operative education program.

Student Qualifications

Minimum qualifications required for engineering students to enroll:

  • Student must be enrolled full-time in an Engineering Program and returning in the fall;
  • Must apply online and be approved into the program by the Career Services Coordinator;
  • Must have a cumulative academic average of at least 65%;
  • Must have a clean academic record.

Participating Engineering students are enrolled in one of the following nine programs: