Internship Program

Internship Program

What is an Internship?

The goal of the Engineering Internship Program is to provide students with an opportunity to work at a professional level for a longer term than is provided through summer work projects. Students thereby receive a richer learning experience as a member of an engineering team while providing real value to the company.

Engineering Career Services offers 12 or 16 month employment periods providing continuity and stability to your major projects. Many employers feel that this is an effective means of evaluating potential future employees before making long term hiring commitments.

We work closely with The Student Success Centre at Western to administer the Internship program.


Employers see the benefits of hiring and training students with several years of academic education to take on major projects and responsibilities. Interns contribute to the successful completion of projects and assignments.

Employers are provided the opportunity to train and work with the intern, evaluating the potential that this student may have to offer your company as a full-time employee after graduation. Both students and employers may find that there is a good match of interests leading to a full time job offer after graduation.

Internship students are regarded as regular employees taking on responsibilities far beyond the typical duties assigned to 4-month co-op or summer students.

Coop Tax Credit

To help offset the cost to employers when hiring co-op students, the Ontario government provides a refundable tax credit for hiring students enrolled in a recognized post-secondary co-operative education program.

Student Qualifications

Minimum qualifications required for engineering students to enroll:

  • Student must be enrolled full-time in an Engineering Program and returning in the fall;
  • Must apply online and be approved into the program by the Career Services Coordinator;
  • Must have a cumulative academic average of at least 65%;
  • Must have a clean academic record.

Participating Engineering students are enrolled in one of the following nine programs: