Masters in Engineering Science Degree

The Master of Engineering Science (MESc) program is a thesis based Master's research degree. This program is offered to applicants who hold a four-year Bachelors Degree. It is expected that graduate students will complete all program requirements within two years.

The Accelerated Master's Program is offered during your fourth year of undergraduate studies, allowing you to complete graduate courses in lieu of technical electives, which simultaneously satisfies requirements for your bachelor’s degree and the beginning requirements of your master’s degree. More informaiton.

Times to Completion

6 terms (2 years)

Funding Details

Eligible research-based students will receive a minimum of $13,000 plus tuition (excludes ancillary fees) through research grants, contracts, scholarships and teaching assistantships. To maintain fundable status, students must sustain an average of 78% at Western.

Admission Requirements

  • Admission Average: North American A- (78%)
  • Applicant should have a Bachelors degree in Engineering, or similar program
  • Acceptance into the MESc degree program is contingent upon successfully finding a faculty advisor. It is the responsibility of the applicant to find a faculty advisor. Eligible applications will remain in a pending status until such time a faculty advisor is secured by the applicant (for a period of one year from the date of application). For information about our faculty members, please visit our Faculty Members page.

For applicants whose first language is not English or if a student has not completed 2 years of undergraduate or graduate education at an English-speaking institution in a country whose official first language is English, then you must provide proof of your proficiency in English by successfully completing one of the recognized English Language Proficiency examinations. For more information about English Language Proficiency, please visit our English Language Proficiency page

Application Deadlines

Domestic Students

  • Fall: July 1
  • Winter: November 1
  • Summer: March 1

International Students

  • Fall: March 1
  • Winter: July 1
  • Summer: November 1

Degree Requirements

  • 4 Courses
  • Successful defence and submission of a research thesis
  • Attend 70% of the Civil Seminar Series (average calculated per term) and present at least once during their program
  • Students can start in September, January or May

Fields of Research