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Civil Seminar

Seminar Winners- Winter 2017
Civil Seminar Award Winners, Winter 2017: Ibrahim Ibrahim & Moustafa El-Sawy. Absent: Ahmed Elshaer

Rules and Regulations
  1. Some of the seminars will involve presentations given by invited external speakers. Graduate students will also be invited to present their research during some specific weeks;  2 graduate students per day.
  2. Attendance is mandatory. Graduate Coordinator will take attendance using a sign-in sheet during the first 5 minutes of the lecture.
  3. Students are expected to attend 50% of the seminars.
  4. The graduate student presentations will be assessed by a panel. The panel will consist of:  an external assessor and the graduate students.  The graduate students will evaluate the presentations using an evaluation form.  The evaluation will be weighted as follows:  50% from the external assessor and 50% from the graduate students.
  5. The graduate student presentations will be given during the Fall and Winter terms and will be ranked. 
  6. $300 in support for attending conferences will be available for up to 10 graduate students who must attend at least 50% of the seminars and who have presented a seminar during the academic year.  If more than 10 applications are received, the selection will be based on the ranking of the presentations.
  7. A prize will be given for the top three presentations.
  8. Prizes will be awarded at the first Civil Seminar in the fall term.


Fall 2017~ Please note that the seminar schedule is subject to change.  Watch for email notifications!