Undergraduate Courses Taught (2012-2017)

CBE2207 “Industrial Organic Processes II”

This course introduces concepts in the structure and reactivity of alcohols, aromatic and carbonyl compounds, together with an introduction to the physical basis and interpretation of UV-Vis, IR, NMR and MS spectra. The course strongly focuses on those reactions and methodologies that form the basis of industrial and environmental processes. The laboratory section links synthesis, purification and spectroscopy characterization methods with an emphasis in the development of problem solving skills.

CEE4417a “Catalytic Processes”

This course is an introduction to the science and engineering of catalysis. The course reinforces previously learned concepts on reaction rates, and equilibrium to the analysis of both homogenous and heterogeneous chemical reacting systems and introduces concepts on adsorption and desorption from solids as well as the chemical kinetics of surface reactions, and chemical equilibrium. The pore structure and surface properties of solid catalysts, their catalytic activity and selectivity, and physical and spectroscopic methods for characterization of catalytic systems will be described. Key industrial processes based on catalytic reactions will be described and used as examples.

Graduate Courses Taught

CEE9691-CBE9180 “Instrumental Analysis for Engineers”

This course is aimed specifically at Engineers who are involved in the use of sophisticated analytical instrumentation for the measurement of different chemical properties and processes (composition, structure, etc). The course covers the fundamentals needed for the use of modern analytical instrumentation, providing the background theory and principles of operation. The lectures present the chemical or physical principles exploited during analytical measurement, how the instrument actually makes the measurement and some of the techniques used to increase accuracy, precision and sensitivity. The course has a laboratory project component which will provide hands on experience in the use of a specific analytical technique.

CBE9110 “Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Equilibria”

This course is aimed specifically to graduate students who need a broad base introduction to the concepts of reaction rate, stoichiometry and equilibrium to the analysis of chemical reacting systems. Topics in this course include the synthesis of rate expressions using reaction mechanisms, equilibrium or steady state assumptions as well as the basic design of chemical reactors using concepts of thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, basic transport phenomena, and mass and energy balances. An introduction to Langmuir-Hinshelwood kinetics basic concepts on heterogeneous catalysis is also presented.

Curriculum Design

  • CEE477b/CEE9680 “Environmental Applications of Nanotechnology”

  • CBE216 “Industrial Organic Chemistry”

  • CBE2207b ”Industrial Organic Processes II”

  • CEE9642a ”Environmental Chemistry”

  • CBE9180b/CEE9691b ”Instrumental Analysis for Engineers”

  • GPE2213a “Green Chemistry I”

  • GPE2214b “Green Chemistry II”

  • CBE9910a “Chemical Kinetics and Reaction Equilibria”

  • CBE4417a “Catalytic Processes”