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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Attendance is mandatory. Graduate Coordinator will take attendance using a sign-in sheet during the first 5 minutes of the lecture.
  2. Students are expected to attend 50% of the seminars.
  3. The graduate student presentations will be assessed by a panel. The panel will consist of:  an external assessor and the graduate students.  The graduate students will evaluate the presentations using an evaluation form.  The evaluation will be weighted as follows:  50% from the external assessor and 50% from the graduate students.
  4. The graduate student presentations will be given during the Fall and Winter terms and will be ranked. 
  5. $300 in support for attending conferences will be available for up to 10 graduate students who must attend at least 50% of the seminars and who have presented a seminar during the academic year.  If more than 10 applications are received, the selection will be based on the ranking of the presentations.
  6. A prize will be given for the top three presentations.
  7. Prizes will be awarded at the first Civil Seminar in the fall term.