Syngas Production using Biogas and Pyrolysis Oil for the Purpose of Gasoline Production


Australia currently imports 91% of their gasoline and are committed to supporting production of domestic gasoline via a $211 million AUD plan to obtain fuel domestically. While refining crude oil is the most common method to produce gasoline, this project seeks to design an alternative process for gasoline production from renewable resources. The project is intended to be part of a larger plant composed of purification of biogas and bio-oil; syngas production; methanol and DME synthesis; and gasoline production. The project will focus on syngas production and produces 52, 300 kg/h of syngas corresponding to a theoretical output of 16, 700 kg/h of gasoline (about 50% of a typical Australian refinery).


  • Fareed Abuzaid
  • Hanyoung Choi
  • Nicole Cronin
  • Miguel Gonzalez
  • Brandon Julien