Microbial Processes for Hydrogen Production


The project outlines the development of a plant capable of producing biohydrogen and biogas from a lignocellulosic waste feedstock. The process is completed in five major steps: pre-treatment, dark fermentation, anaerobic digestion, steam reforming with a water gas shift reaction, and hydrogen purification and carbon dioxide capture. Following pre-treatment of the lignocellulosic waste, the feed enters the dark fermentation stage to produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and a mixture of acetic and butyric acid. The products from the first step then enter anaerobic digestion to produce biogas. The biogas is used in steam methane reforming to produce biohydrogen and by-products, which undergo a water gas shift reaction to optimize hydrogen production. The final steps of the process produce a purified hydrogen stream after undergoing a carbon dioxide removal mechanism. The plant location chosen is in Norway and has a plant capacity of 67,440 kg of hydrogen per year.


  • Shana Alexander
  • Rachael Miles
  • Yazan Hassan
  • Hanna Jedemann
  • Rukhsh Khan
  • Narisse Al-Salam